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Define Success Podcast

She's talking to the experts in their fields diving into business, marketing, finance, mental health, mindset, passions, and so much more. Our host Kaitlyn is sharing her business startup stories in the world of marketing, digital courses, and 1:1 coaching.

So the real question is where do you find your success?

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How to Market Your Genius

Through entrepreneurship, we learn so many valuable lessons. We also learn where we're lacking. When we sum it up, we have a ton of amazing stories.

The Manifesting & Motivational Mindset

Is that voice in your head saying you can't do it or you don't know enough to make that work?

​Want to know how to flip the script and go straight to, "I can't wait to learn it"? These episodes are always so refreshing - they're some of my favorites (not that we have favorites).

Health & Wealth

We're working hard, but what's it all for? Spending our rightfully earned money, working hard to stay healthy, are we doing enough, is our best good enough? Find out now!


I'm Kaitlyn, we'll be on this fun trip together!

Everyday we'll learn more about who we are through the stories our guests tell and the education they can help provide. We'll talk about, money, business, hardships, happiness, and so much more.

​Get cozy and get ready to Define Success!

More About Me

I hope you brought the good snacks!

Success is found in our everyday wins, conquered lows, sacrifice, doubt, failures, & persistence; all to drive us forward.

We’re surrounded by success every day; we're not talking about the fame, the fortune, and the people that obviously didn’t deserve that promotion. Join Kaitlyn Callahan, a neuroscientist talking about the everyday wins and learning about the conquered lows to find our true success.

​She’ll go through interviews and research from people that got out of bed and did the work, despite the exhaustion. Each episode will dive into happiness, health, money, sacrifice, doubt, failures, and persistence to build a business and a life you enjoy.

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We're talking deep, authentic, and emotional work. I'm happier knowing my people are here!



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